Friday, 22 July 2011

Art Unclad

I Love Nudity, there is just something Honest and Musical about the naked human form.
   The body as Canvas, as Muse, as Medium as Tool.

"Woman's Body is God's way of apologizing to Man for all the crap heaped on him in this life." James King.  Teeheee im inclined to agree lol although in sum cases its a punishment! a clear case of kicking a man when he's down XD i'll stop lol

 Nudity & Innocence 

Portuguese Artist/ Genius Andre Brito uses dancers Only
and no Photoshop for his pictures.. im in love :)

His use of light and texture. The tension, suspension and ease in the models' bodies as well as the props. Black and White highlights the relief in their form, oooh and the shadows and reflection.. I could go on and on ....body representing nature....



  1. "The body as Canvas, as Muse, as Medium as Tool." that just resounds so perfectly with me....

  2. it just flowed out when i was looking at the pics :)