Thursday, 18 August 2011

33 ways to stay Creative ... by PS i made this...

I have been MIA for a lil' bit, partly because I FiNALLY sat down n finished up some DIY project that I had started and then got distracted from.. story of my my dayze lol :) 
Any-Whooz i saw this listing on HOW TO STAY CREATIVE by PS i made this and thought i'd share!! Its a question that drifts across the waves of my mind from time to time 'Can you loose ur Creative Jazz' to be honest I really cant see it happening,but i can see where it can be inhibited. there is just sooooo much that inspires the mind all around!! and each idea kind of feeds another! like Jay-Z says 'On to the next one'.. I guess we are all creative, just in different ways. For some Creativity may be a Job, a Lifestyle, a fringe benefit of being alive,for Others its an unavoidable and intrinsic activity that takes over despite their surroundings!! lolol