Friday, 15 July 2011


I was browsing around for sum DIY goodness and found this Amazing tutorial from Honestly..WTF, for a box braid necklace... To view full tutorial click on the LINK  n enjoy!! Wear it as a necklace, wrap bracelet or even a headband! :)

Things You’ll need:
- 12 yards of micro-fiber faux suede (highly recommend using micro-fiber suede because it’s super soft, flexible and easy to work with)
- 4 rubber bands
- an assortment of small, medium and large washers

LUVS it!! C.F wot do u thinc? :D


One of my AbSolute Favourite styles is the maxi dress... what can I say it really does maximise lol-- from day to night-- beach chic to the streets... its one of the best 'go to' alternatives to beat the heat, hide an over due wax or to just be a pretty reminder that your living island style- (busy schedule notwithstanding). Put on sum fun nail polish and then get creative with the accessories--ride the bohemian vybe :) & since in most cases you are for the most part pretty much covered up,show some more skin n' slip on sum sexci sandals, sky high wedges,or peep-toe flats anything your comfortable with (well ALMOST anything) lol.....easy breezy style :)

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I'm Luvving the Bohemian Chic look.. empowered yet relaxed with a bit O' whimsy...  :)