Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Hey All!!! :)  I think most of us used to play dress up and romp around as Indians and cowboys or stick a few feathers in our hair and pretend to be pocahontas (never mind the lack of feathers in her costume) it was quite fun to take a trod on the "wild side" even back then. So its no surprise that the trend has been flying high in the streets and really everywhere for that matter.. Spunking up outfits and lending an edge to sum simple treeses... I for one LUVz it :P

Feather mania

CYRENdipity earrings

CYRENdipity Necklace

Young Jamaican designer Cyrena Forbes hand-crafts beautiful customized jewellery as seen featured above. I've gotten a couple pieces from her, and its so much fun to work with or see the craft of a designer who has a healthy appetite for the unique, and an obsession with details!! check out her FB page from the link below the pics :D

Beaded T-shirt: DIY tutorial


 DIYing folks :)

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